Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who could do this to a child?

Who could manipulate a child's love, devotion and respect to a parent? Who could encourage a child to say hateful things against their own parent? Who could encourage a child to have hatred in their heart for a parent? One would think only a criminal or low life thug could do this. Can you imagine that a parent could do this to their own child? This is what a target parents lives when the other parent alienates the affection of a child.
When will the judges wake up and realize that this behavior exists and that these so called parents need to be punished?


  1. Yes, when?? I am asking that same question also as I watch my ex-daughter-in-law alienate the affection my of granddaughter from her father (my son)!

    It is tragic that the courts do not seem to pay attention to this criminal activity.

    Here is a mother that would not consider aborting her child but would twist her child's emotion and psychic to the point of eventually splitting her personality. My God, what can we victims do???

  2. Yes it is tragic that courts do not and will not realize this problem. Instead they go by some notion that children and yes they are minors until the age of 18, have some sort of say in this decision. These children are being egged on to hate a parent are going to say what the alienating parent wants them to say.
    Are we victims of this? Yes, but we have to stop the victim mentality and fight back thru the courts, media, internet, whatever means there are to let people know that alienating the affection of child is child abuse...pure and simple child abuse!