Friday, April 17, 2009

I Dreamed a Dream

What does this video have to do with parental alienation? Not a thing! I think you should watch the video and then read how I attempt to tie this in to my thoughts for the day.

I would like to include the lyrics to the song that she sang.

There was a time when men were kind,
And their voices were soft,
And their words inviting.
There was a time when love was blind,
And the world was a song,
And the song was exciting.
There was a time when it all went wrong...

I dreamed a dream in time gone by,
When hope was high and life, worth living.
I dreamed that love would never die,
I dreamed that God would be forgiving.
Then I was young and unafraid,
And dreams were made and used and wasted.
There was no ransom to be paid,
No song unsung, no wine, untasted.

But the tigers come at night,
With their voices soft as thunder,
As they tear your hope apart,
And they turn your dream to shame.

He slept a summer by my side,
He filled my days with endless wonder...
He took my childhood in his stride,
But he was gone when autumn came!

And still I dream he'll come to me,
That we will live the years together,
But there are dreams that cannot be,
And there are storms we cannot weather!

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living,
So different now from what it seemed...
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed...

Although the lyrics seem somewhat dark and seem to bash men, I would like to somehow attempt to tie this into the lives that target parents live, albeit target parents are both fathers and mothers. Target parents live a life of a broken dream. Their marriage failed and the spouse that shared their dreams of children now refuse to allow the contact. We dreamed that our marriage would last forever, we would watch our children grow and develop into adults together and enjoy the next generation of our lives. Those ideas are now just dreams that we pray to God to allow us to have. Many parents do not have the opportunity to watch these dreams. We long for the contact with our children, we wonder and worry.

What struck me about this video was the unassuming presence of the singer. It is obvious by watching the expressions of the judges and the people that the camera focuses in at the beginning of the video. The singer looked shy and very out of place as she walked onto the stage. Then she started to sing. If you are a fan of American Idol, many are aware that Simon Cowell does not show favorable expressions and can be quite mean in his commentaries. The smile that came over his face was priceless. ( Simon, you have a great smile!) The audience was on their feet. I would imagine that anyone who ran into this singer never gave her a second look. They were not aware of her potential. They may have even had some prejudiced opinions of her as well. Target parents are the same. You can encounter a target parent and never know. They may attempt to tell the story, but one may not be interested. It is when that one voice that grabs the attention of the masses, that will be when everyone else will take notice about parental alienation.

I had a was the dream that no child will ever have to make a choice about which parent they can love...they will be free to love both of them without fear of punishment...the courts will recognize the damage that alienation of the love and affection of parent by the means of a selfish parent will stop. I dream that this living hell will end!

HD link with subtitles worth watching to this video!

Not sure about your thoughts, but I came away with an appreciation for the "underdog" and was in tears.
Parental alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I have not quit posting

I have not quit posting on my blog. I have taken a break from dealing with parental alienation and have been spending time for myself. Some may call it selfish, but as a target parent, I need a break. This allows me time to focus on myself and to better myself as well. This will make me stronger to deal with the long term effects that parental alienation has.

I have not stopped thinking about what my next post will be, but it allows me clarity when I make my next post.

Please stay tuned for my next post, which I hope I will make in the next few days.

Parental alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!