Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today is Halloween

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Another day without my son.
For something you accuse that I have done
I miss out on Halloween fun
With my son
You still think you have won
But I still have a son.

OK, bad attempt at a poem. Halloween, either you get caught up in the celebration or you don't. This was a time for me that was fun. I picked out a costume for my son, with his help of course, bought candy, braved the cold, rain or snow, and walked a neighborhood begging for candy. As he got older we visited haunted houses or other supposed scary activities. it was all in fun, but it really was more of special times that we both could look back on and reminisce. I loved hearing him say, "Remember Mom, the time you took me to that place and we went trick or treating" and other memories.

Every time something special comes around, be it the Christian or other religious holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, target parents look back at the special times they had with their children. Many have lost those special times.

While my son is now an adult legally, I doubt I am missing the trick or treating times and his dressing up in a costume, but I still wonder what he is doing.

As for my poem: My ex accused me of many heinous things and attempted to strip me of my parental rights. I lost many special times and memories with my son, but I did not lose my son as my ex wished the courts would have granted.

Parental alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!


  1. PAS - Our Children are the real victims -

    This is one of the best articles I've seen about this topic. The affect on children is very real, and very dangerous. My three children have each endured one of more of the specific problems and long-term affects of PAS, the worst is my daughter who developed an eating disorder, anorexia nervousa; obsessive compulsive behaviors, and cognitive dissonance. She is 18 now, and is a partipant in a lawsuit filed against her father to become an adult dependant under her mom. The PAS has destroyed my daughter and my family. She neither has the strength, nor the will to stand up against it and no one can help her. My relationship with her is like some pleasant dream from the past...a kind of fairy tale memory of little girls bouncing cheerfully on their daddy's knee. There is no present and no future, only what once was. What could have been a civil divorce a decade ago, has turned into a nighmare for my children and they have become instruments in enacting hatred and revenge against their dad. The book that I write will be tell a riveting account of how quickly relationships can go sour and how the feelings and actions of one person can ruin so many lives.

    We are on this earth only for a little while. We can use our time to accomplish evil, or to accomplish good, there is no middle ground on this one! Whichever path you choose will have profound results on you and everyone else around you. So, when you start feeling those feeling of bitterness and anger over what he/she has done to you, remember...the little ones are watching and they don't miss a thing.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I find it very disheartening that some parents can not see past their own hurt and resort to revenge tactics in divorce/custody cases. If they would only for a moment stop and think of the damage and disservice that they are placing on their children.

    Someday I hope that the counselors, judges and lawyers recognize this abuse and put a stop to it. Until then, unfortunately this will continue.