Friday, August 20, 2010

Was she really "protecting" her child? Or is this parental alienation?

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an estimated 355,000 children are abducted from their homes each year. These children can go days, weeks, months or even years with no contact from anyone except their abductor. And many of these children are not taken by strangers: They are abducted by their own parents. There are some who claim kidnapping their own children is the only option they have, but what about the other parent -- and what about the child?

One such child was kidnapped by his mother in a contentious custody battle. Why did she do it? She painted a picture of sexual abuse to her daughter by her husband and her husband's son. The couple each had children prior to their marriage, she a daughter and he a son. Together they had a son. I do not believe allegations were made of sexual abuse to the son they had together, but only about the daughter.

The story can be found here. This is the story of Sindi Graber Linden and Paul Marinkovich and the bitter custody case over their son Gabriel. Sindi moved to 4 countries. I found many stories online about this story.

Mother who fled with son testifies: 'I had to'

Mother loses custody case

So is this mother protecting her son and other children from a monster, or is she selfish and punishing her ex husband for a failed marriage? I believe this is a vindictive, manipulating, cunning ex wife who will stop at nothing to make her ex husband "pay" for their failed marriage. She had changed Gabriele's last name, asked him to avoid the cops because they were working for his dad. She told Gabriel that his dad was the new step father.

This story hits home with me, because it shows what lengths a vindictive ex spouse will go to alienate a child against the other parent. Although my ex did not take my son to another country, he did move often, told my son he did not need his mother and stated the new wife was the mother.

Not knowing where your child is, not being able to see them, talk to them, hear their voice is the most cruel punishment the other parent can inflict upon the other parent.

Parental Alienation is ABUSE!STOP THE ABUSE!


  1. Melody McDonald,
    a reporter for the Fort Worth Star-telegram wrote this article 8/15/2010
    Tarrant County custody case has been ensnarled in bitterness and fighting for 12 years
    To make a bigger difference also sign the Care2 petition at
    This young woman is a friend of mine and I want to share her story with the world. She is kind, warm and a loving wife and mother. The courts have taken years and years to deal with the first man she married in 1995. The judges have not heard about the abuse she suffered. She has not seen her first son in years; she knows her son did not even know her name until recently.

  2. I wish my mom or someone would have 'kidnapped' me from the abusive home I was forced to live in. Not only was I sexually abused by my step father but also by his two sons.

    Instead my mom IGNORED what was going on. It was NO better at my father's home either.

  3. What a sad story. I wonder how daughter Delancy feels about her mother today. Failed marriages seem to be the pattern for Sindi as well as reproducting w/ each new spouse. I know women like her. With every new husband, the children call a new man "dad". Sometimes I hate my husband but HE is the father of my kids and they will ONLY call HIM dad. Sindi, you chose to breed with these men. Those kids are half theirs and there is NOTHING you can do about it. They should have left you in jail for kidnapping. I'm glad they took your son from you. How did that feel? Now you know how your ex felt.

  4. Hey Melody McDonald

    The courts DID deal with the false abuse allegations in detail as did the FBI, US Attorneys Office, and the Courts of FOUR countries other then the US including Sweden, Spain, Denmark, and the UK. Sindi Graber was the first (and only)women ever extradited from Europe. She was shuttled on a private Justice Department jet. There is a provision in the International Parental Crime Act law that specifically stating that if any abuse occurred then the law did not apply. The FBI and US Attorneys office ran an extensive background check on Mr. Marinkovich and interviewed many witnesses and concluded that the allegations were a manipulation used in order to deny custody to Mr. marinkovich. Oh, by the way, the Senator that placed that provision concerning abuse into the Parental Kidnapping Crime Act was our Vice President Joe Biden. Oh, and also by the way, Joe Biden had Mr. Marinkovich personally testify before the Senate Foreign Relations committee and told Janet Reno if she didn't issue a warrant for Sindi's arrest "immeaditly within the next 24 hours then you are going to play hell with me on everything you bring before this committee." Joe Biden personally petitioned Sewden, Denmark, Spain, and the UK to find Sindi Grabber and have her arrested. Also, Mary Banotti who was the Vice President of the Eurpoean Union and is one of the leading advocates on women's rights in Europe also supported Mr. Marinkovich. Read all the newspaper articles posted on line and the end result is the same, no abuse occurred. The courts in the final Texas jury trial which Mr. Marinkovich won after a 3 hour deliberation of only 2 hours with an 11 to 1 count barred the evidence of abuse from even be heard because the COurt appointed Psy concluded that Sindi "used manipluation to make Delancy think she has been abused." After the trial Sindi made no contact with Gabriel for ten years.

    Hey Melody McDonald if your a reporter, then how come you can't get your facts straight

  5. this mom is crazy, funny how she didnt shed a tear whenever talking about her daughters abuse and her answers to everything else are such bs. even something with her daughter seemed way off. poor kid.

  6. People don't really know anything about anything if they weren't there to hear and witness things for themselves. I used to live with Sindi and Paul and Sindi cherished not only her children but Paul and his child, as well. You can't judge a person for how she processes pain, you can equate Sindi's lack of emotional response to being devastated that her beloved child was in the hands of a pedophile. Paul Marinkovich's son, Paul Michael, told me himself that he and his father were molesting Delancey, the babysitter knew it, the doctor who examined Delancey knew it and I know it. Thank God when it's all said and done that we all have to answer to the Almighty! I pray that Sindi and her children will be reunited.

    1. You're a liar. What's your name if you're so involved? Mmm, hmm, didn't think so. You're either Sindi (wtf name is that?) or someone playing games. Either way you're a liar.

  7. My mother protected me. And my brother.

    Corruption happened.

    -the daughter

    1. Could you please contact me..


  8. Anonymous,
    You are a lying piece of shit, go crawl off and die free loader

  9. If you reached this site and are involved in a custody dispute please take a few moments and consider what I have to say. Do WHATEVER it takes to work out an arrangement with your former spouse.

    Anger clouds judgment and love clears those clouds away. Love doesn't mean that you have to be in close physical proximity or that your prior relationship has to be reinstated, it means that love yourself, your child, and another human being enough to get beyond your anger for the sake of all involved.

    Often times in the "heat of the battle" we see the ugly and experience deep sorrow. It is not about us as parents and it is all about the little ones that we love. Love doesn’t mean that we are tied to any certain results; rather, we simply pray to change our minds enough so we do what’s best for our children.

    Often times as parents we are accused of very painful and untrue statements about ourselves. I was one of those parents. I was accused of abusing the children that I loved. There was nothing more painful than to be accused of this. I had to defend myself in several different countries regarding this untrue acquisition and it made me angry and bitter. I won’t go into details because the story is everywhere. The fact is that it isn’t about me, and it isn’t about her, it’s about the beautiful children God entrusted us with.

    Let me be clear, if there really is abuse then radical steps must be taken and law enforcement must be brought in immediately to protect the children but this wasn’t the case in my situation.

    So here I am after years of this journey wondering where it took me and why it happened. The later may never be answered but I am quite clear on where I am now. I hold no anger towards anyone involved in this ordeal. I have become a stronger, happier, and more loving person as a result of this situation.

    I have forgiven Sindi and everyone else involved. I bless all of them and wish them the best. I pray that we all can treat each other with respect and kindness. I hope that the experiences we all learned help us to be better people, and if I can change one situation by these words or others, it has all been worth it.

    Drop the anger and pray to change that anger that is inside because you perceive that someone hurt you. The truth only lies inside of you and not in what others say. Get beyond the insults and the anger and reach out in love.

    There is no scarcity of love. We create it. It can never be taken away. Any love given or received in the past is always there and is the only real thing we should bring into our present. Sometimes love changes form and people we love move on or even die but no one has control of your ability to love and bless them in your mind and to celebrate the love that was given and received in our past.

    Relationships change form, so don’t hold so tightly to your perception of how it should look. God sometimes has different plans for us that we cannot understand at the moment we are experiencing them. Be an instrument of love for your children’s sake and for the sake of mankind in general. Smile at someone today and quietly bless them. Love your children and those around you with every thought and every action. If you are in a custody battle now, lay down the sword and try to communicate in a different way. You can be sure that you have decided wrongly if you and your situation are not at peace.

    Pray for your spouse and your children but most of all, pray that you can change the way that you are thinking about the situation and be open to listen for a different way of showing up.

    Thank you for your time and God bless all of you.

    Gabriel’s Father
    Paul Marinkovich

    1. I am a single mom of 3 boys and have been accused of every type of abuse possible by my ex husband and his new wife including sexual abuse. Problem is I cant afford an atty and cant get help with legal aid. I have contatced numerous people including 2 judges, The DA, The Attorney General and DHS and everyone has said they are unable to help me to contatc a private attorney (which I can not afford). This had been going on for almost 5 years and I am running out of options. Is there any advise you can give me to help my children. I have been investigated by DHS on 2 different occasions and all came back unconfirmed and they continue to make allegations to therapist that I abused my kids. When I call the therapist they have now they refuse to speak with me because " I am the abuser" and my children have the right to privacy. My children are being abuse in that home with the most damaging abuse I believe by alienating them from there mother and their brother (that lives with me). And by having my children say things that never happened. Do people not understand that children are scared for life when a parent does this? I am at wits end and dont know what to do to anymore.

  10. Evil woman. I know of another like her.

  11. thank you Paul. Very well stated.

  12. ,hello there i would like to add to comments ,when my ex husband and i divorced i took my daughter out of state there for a while i kept my wearabouts a secert and i moved around many times , my daughter and her father did not know each other because of this now 20 years later thay both suffer as thay dont know each other thay dont have a father daughter relinship and i feel so bad about this now , but at the time i never thought about the illeffects it would do to them in the long hall , im so against parent taken a child and running the one person that will be hurt in the long run is the child , we need more laws to protect the children and the absent parent , we need more advacates for the support of the children and fathers rights and yes im a woman and are so supportive of fathers rights so fathers out there needing help im willing to help you

  13. Daughter contact me..


  14. Sadly delancy has turned to drugs. Due to sindis disgusting behaviour towards her daughter. The ex