Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yes I am still an alienated Mom

I started this blog with the idea that I would write about being an alienated mom and have not posted in some time now. Well, I forgot my password and just recovered it. So all the drafts I had stored on my computer would all post for today and I do not think that would look right. So let me say I am sorry I have not updated in some time and will do better.

Yes I am still an alienated mom and that really hurts. It hurts my heart because all I wanted for my child was that they have opportunities in life that I did not have. I can see now that this will not happen. I cannot stop the hurt that my child must be going through and I cannot provide those opportunities either. Everything I stand for is put down.

The only thing I can hope and pray for is that one day this criminal activity stops of the alienating parent. Now if the courts would understand that this is criminal and alienation is abuse.

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