Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Just an update

I figured I better update this blog so I do not lose any followers. I have not died, I have not forgotten about parental alienation, I have not stopped thinking about entries that I can post. What has happened is that I am angry right now about some personal issues in my own alienation case and have not been able to post. I am not of any help to anyone, if I can not overcome my own anger and place my writings into something constructive.

I have been very careful in my writings, or so I think, that I do not identify my case. Right now, I fear that if I post my feelings, I will write something that identifies my case, my son or my ex. I have tried to be respectful of that. I am not sure if I should post the details of my case. If I did, I would have to post documents, pictures and files.

What are your feelings or thoughts about this?


  1. I totally understand what you mean. I too have resisted giving too many details about our case. I try not to say anything out of anger but when I post something on my blog I do follow my own heart. I wrote once that that names in my blog have been changed to protect the guilty and not to embarrass the innocent. I often realize that I don't know how to make things better but I do know how to make things worse, and I try to never do or say anything that would make things worse. I try to always look at the big picture of what may transpire in the long run and not do anything that I'll regret later. If you want to "talk", email me. Sending my best wishes to you and your loved ones !

  2. Hi Rindas 2 Mom,

    Thank you for your comment. I looked for an email link on your blog and could not find it. Yes, it would be great to "talk" with you.

  3. Ladies,
    I completely understand how you feel. At this point in some respects I have kept names out of it but I am slowly turning that corner because I feel like it should be known exactly who these fowl creatures are that steal our children.
    I also completely understand the whole trying not to write from an angry place. I have made numerous attempts at that and you will notice on my blog that I have failed miserably....lol.
    I will one day be able to write without anger and this is a promise I have made to myself, I am just not sure when that will be.
    I will keep you both in my prayers and while I know it is scary to put too much information out there - stay strong because only good should be able to come out of it. Because IF they are doing their jobs PROPERLY, then they have no reason to fear the information being placed "out there for the world to see".
    Just my thoughts :(

  4. Thank you L. Henderson. I'll check out your blog soon. I enjoyed your thoughts about how if others were doing things PROPERLY, they would have anything to fear.
    It reminded me of how once my own sister told me "That if you didn't try sooo hard to do good then you wouldn't make me look so bad". And though I never meant for it to be that way, I did feel bad for doing well when she herself wasn't doing so well. Despite the pain and agony that the #1 Mom = Alienating Parent has caused us all, I still feel sorry for her and would help her tomorrow if the opportunity presented itself.