Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hello and a quick post

Hello to everyone!

I am working on a few posts, that I hope to get published soon.

As we near the 4th of July and the celebration of Independence Day, I can only hope that those that are held hostage by the means of parental alienation can somehow find some liberation.

The more that I sit back, reflect and ponder, I have come to realize that parental alienation is a continuation of domestic violence, a control issue and it is most definitely child abuse. I disagree with the groups that want to so call protect their children from the abuse by denying them the knowledge and association with the other parent. Children will seek out these things as they get older and if this so called abuse was a dreamed up idea by a parent as a means to control, the children will figure this out one day. I am sorry if you disagree, but two people made this child and this child has the right to know both parents, no matter the alleged adults feelings towards each other. I have also written that the laws need to change. I agree they need to change, but FIRST the current laws need to be enforced.

I hope to be able to touch on these subjects in my following posts.

Parental Alienation is Abuse! Stop the Abuse!


  1. There are many cases where I understand your point. However, there are two sides to every thing, including situations!

  2. There are three sides to a story. His, hers and in between lies the truth. The truth may lean more towards one side or the other, but in the long run, one can not deny the children their parents. For as harsh as that statement seems, you, I and others made children with the other half. Our children share the DNA with the other half of the parent, that in some custody cases the parent attempts to deny the children access.

    If you think that for a moment that children do not grow up and wiser and seek knowledge, then you are sadly mistaken. Only hope and pray that they hold onto or grasp the signals that were sent by the parent who denies.

    Children will have secret relationships with the parent that was denied at some point in their lives. It will happen eventually. If not, then there will be guilt by that child.

    No one is perfect and no one, including myself or you or others, are the perfect parent.