Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Just another day

Hello to all that read my blog. I just wanted to say thank you for following and for you comments and emails.

Today I am having a self pity party. I miss being able to talk to my son, I miss hearing his voice, I miss seeing his face. I wonder what he is doing and how he is doing. I am also angry because I cannot have answers to what I assume should be easy answers. How is school going? What has been going on? How is your girlfriend? Can I get a copy of your school picture? What do you want for Christmas? As I stepped outside a while ago, the wind was blowing and the air feels as we will have a storm coming in. It is warm and there is a cool breeze...OK not actually real warm, but warmer than it has been lately. I could hear leaves rustling in the wind and heard the ringing from the wind chimes. It was rather peaceful. Then I noticed my neighbor's house across the street as they were putting up Christmas lights outside. It looked so pretty and festive. Then I thought to myself, why bother, my son will not be here to enjoy it.

I started this blog because I wanted to tell my story about parental alienation, I wanted to state to the world all the dirty details of my case. Of course, that will not change anything and if you are a target parent, my story most likely sounds like yours or vice-versa as well as any other detailed story about parental alienation. I also wanted to write so I would not reveal anything that would identify myself, my son or my ex until a later date. This simple aspect made my writings a challenge and somewhat creative as I attempted to protect the identities. As time went on, I realized that it was cathartic for me to write.

I always had one goal in mind and that is to be a voice for those that cannot speak or will not speak out against parental alienation. I know that my story is one voice among the thousands of other parents that experience parental alienation. I never want another parent to have to experience parental alienation, nor do I want a child to be deprived of the love by both parents. Someday parental alienation will be recognized for what it is and that is abuse. Those that knowingly make false accusations of abuse will be prosecuted by tougher laws and will not be able to be shielded from prosecution based on the good faith aspect. Someday this cycle of abuse will stop.

Parental alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!


  1. ChrissyChrzanowski9:22 PM, December 03, 2008

    I'm so sorry for your pain and holidays are always a time of frustration and tribulation. I was a child of alienation and now I have my daughter but not my son. This course of abuse has been in my life for 30 yrs and it continues to drag on in my life. I thank you for your voice and not being silent. Together with many voices we can bring awareness to the thousands that are unaware! These children become the adults they should have never become. I often ask would my life be different today and I know the answer Yes!

  2. I know how you feel. I would be in the same boat if I did not fight so hard. I represent myself pro se and we go to court at least 4 times a year. Everything is a hardship and everything I try to do I have to get a court order for. This process is very intimidating and costly but it is a necessary part of trying to be in my sons life. He is only 3 and his father, along with his mother, went to court and made false accusations against me. You are correct this has to stop. But I thank God I now get to see my son even for a short time on selected holidays. Of course, it is not enjoyable as it has to be supervised but, I have to keep my son in mind. I have the same problem feeling sad over the holidays. I know it is hard, hang in there because it will pass. Some day, our sons will grow up and know the real truth....

    God bless you my friend.