Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What is the world coming to?

This entry today does not fall into the normal type of posting that I do. I am only addressing this because I am sick and tired of reading about juveniles in the news. Everyday, I either watch my local news and or check the Internet news sites and I am noticing a horrific trend in the news. Minors are committing crimes at an age they should be playing with barbie dolls and GI Joe's or wondering what to where to the prom! What is happening? Wake up parents!

Two news stories today: Boy, 6, misses bus so he tries driving to school and Boy, 4, shoots babysitter for stepping on foot. These were among the other stories of a 15 year old robbing a person. There are many other stories as well: 12-year-old Arizona boy guilty in mom's shooting , TEEN GAL CHARGED WITH TWO MURDERS . Oh I could go on and on, but quite frankly, I find this very disturbing.

I can ask where are the parents in these cases, but doesn't everyone? I wonder are the parents single parents who are working extra hours to cover expenses due to lost wages because of the economy or non payment of child support? Are these parents who are afraid that if they discipline their child they may face charges of abuse? Whatever the reason, this has to stop. Be parents and if you are divorced then the other parent must support the parenting role as well.


  1. Don't blame the parents. The government is to blame. All you need to do is for the money trail.

  2. Follow the money and you will follow the problem.

    Given that parental alienation occurs in a majority of cases against noncustodial parents, it is a major problem. Custodial parents that perpetrate these crimes should be charged with emotional and physical child abuse. These parents are unfit because they cannot put the childrens needs ahead of their own needs. They want to denigrate, castigate and paint the other parent as diabolical to the child. There is no call for this. This is a sign of an immature parent; and an unfit parent. If these kinds of parents cannot get over their immaturity, they should not have had custody in the first place.

  3. I agree with the above post and would like to add.. even if the parents are afraid to parent because of the way child protective services kidnaps children today from good families.. the bottom line is the same .. follow the money! Title IV - domestic violence child support and Title V Child protective services funding to the states to use however the State deems it necessary.