Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not sure what I should title this today

In my previous entry I stated that I left a comment on this blog. I thought is may interesting to see the response that was left to my comment.

Alienated mom, you are surrounded in your own bullshit. Don’t come trying to convince anyone without doing the research and getting your facts straight.

You applaud the decision of a judge to now “alienate” the other parent? That doesn’t make any sense.

There may be parents who intentionally brainwash, but it is a little something that everyone is guilty of, brainwashing against neighbors, friends, schools systems, methods of thought…but then there are those that tell their children the truth, or the children are able to accept the truth themselves…that is not brainwashing. Children often side with their abusers, which is why they may not initially “turn” until confronted with the information and realizing it as abuse. Sometimes, indeed, they have to have space from their abusers. Children feel guilty about having been abused and wonder what they could have done to stop it. That is why children need protection.

Conceiving a son out of love means nothing in my book. We all FUCK from time to time and get pregnant, pregnancy is the result of fucking where there is no contraception, or failed contraception. Just because two people were present for the sex doesn’t mean they feel the same way about the child.

A child has a right to know his father? Who is disputing this? A child has a right to know whatever he or she wants to know and what is best for the child’s health, including separating that child from an abusive parent…ya know, because abusing a child’s parent, or caretaker, in FRONT of the child IS CHILD ABUSE–DUH. What child deserves to witness abuse?

Oh yeah, remind the child that he/she was conceived in love, that’ll fix it.

Give me a percentage of fathers included in these studies!!!


How clever PAS supporters think they can “brainwash” us into forgetting about Dr. Pedophile Gardner sex with the father is okay, it’s society that is the problem.

You are very brainwashed indeed. The Male Supremacy groups have successfully initiate a “campaign” that allowed you to accept superficial explanations and debunked “diagnosis.”

There are many things I could say in response to this comment, but I will refrain for now. I would say they do understand parental alienation as it seems obvious that they participate in this. I am assuming this is a mother that is writing this and I wonder how many children she has through the process of "fucking" as she refers to it and I also wonder how much government assistance she receives to keep her children from their father or should I say fathers? She sounds as she hates men and I sure hope she does not have any male children in her home. As for the Male Supremacy groups she refers to, those groups that spew hatred towards women are as bad as she is. Children should be allowed the right to love both parents without one parent spewing hatred against the other to convince the child to hate.

Parental alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!

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