Sunday, March 08, 2009

An argument about PAS

What is it with these "PAS does not exist groups"?

I received this comment and I would like to expand on it.

PAS is fake syndrome made up by Richard gardner, a man who claimed pedophilia is good and that the only problem was when the non pedo parents complained. One should get the facts and not be taken in by a few statements which make untrue claims.Check out Richard gardner and get the truth.CHILD ABUSE is beating a child, raping a child and killing a child. Forcing a child to live with an abusive parent is abuse.A child knows the truth and a child love is not destroyed by another but when a parent is abusive than it is natural the child might not want to be with that parent but even than many children will still lave the abuser.Courts should look in all the evidence and not make assumptions and when the court has the evidence that one parent is lying than to consider that very seriously. No child should be forced to live with abuse and no parent should be prevented from protection the child

While I respect your opinion, I think you are also an alienating parent. Child abuse also encompasses emotional and mental abuse. If you think denying a child their parent, no matter what the partner did to you, you are an alienating parent. As for your claims about Richard Gardner, you are making claims that I would like to see court documents supporting your allegations. Dr. Gardner also committed suicide, so he is not here to defend the allegations that these “PAS does not exist” groups make. There have been several studies done based upon the research that Dr. Gardner did and these studies support that parents will enmesh their children into their world and encourage their children to hate the other parent. If you think this is not abuse, then you are very sadly mistaken. Do you think that alienating parents that encourage, brainwash and enmesh these children to hate and despise a parent is not abuse? Do you think that a child that loved you for 14 years and loved his father as well, suddenly turns against one parent is not an indication of abuse? Answer why a child who loved both parents, had access to both parents, suddenly despises one parent? Do you think that one parent encouraged this child to think “their” way? This is what parental alienation is about.

I am sorry that your ex abused you and possibly your child, but if you think that denying your children to love the other parent is doing them a favor, you may wake up several years later to find yourself the target parent. Children will seek out the other parent one day and you better hope that all your “stories” support how your children will feel.

Supposedly I am an alcoholic, a drug addict, and an abuser, but these have never been proven. I continue my life as I always have and one day, my son will realize the truth. I have found that those who make such far fetched allegations are making statements based upon their own behaviors. It has proven true so far in my case. I am not the one with court documents of arrest and other allegations against me.

Let me ask…why are you so afraid that your children may one day want to seek out the other parent? If everything you claim is true, then you have nothing to worry about. If not then……….

Parental Alienation is abuse! Stop the abuse!


  1. The studies by Gardner were published by the publishing house he set up. They were not peer reviewed, in fact they were widely criticised. Gardner fought ONLY for men and invented PAS to enable men to get their children.
    What you are experiencing (and what we women are all experiencing) is a form of abuse but to refer to it as PAS gives the process credibility it does not deserve. No one is denying what has happened to you, and all of us, when children have been poisoned but please do some research and call it what it is and that is maternal deprivation. Our kids needs us to fight together on this.

    FYI Gardner didn't just commit suicide he literally disembowelled himself at his house with a knife. Thats got to be an indication of a tortured mind.

  2. you are so wrong, We are child advocates and and advocates for protective parents abused children. We are men and women, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents who are concerned for children.

    If you respected what we stand for and the right for our opinions than you would not have responded with such assumptions. You really know nothing about us but we do know the harm the Richard Gardner has done and his followers continue to do. The children deserve much better.

    We have never stated or implied that a child should not have the loving care of two parents simply that parental alienation was the brainstorm of Richard Gardener and you should do your research on facts and not the mis conceptions that abusers are claiming.

    As advocates for children, your misconceptions caused us to respond.

    To equate what you assume to be parental alienation as child abuse is a slap in the face to the 1500 to 2000 American children killed every years in the USA by parents/caregivers and the thousands raped, beaten and permanantly harmed.

    Our organization began because of all the horrible abuse happening to children. We are advocate not victims of abuse. We speak out for the oppressed and we do a great deal of research and are very careful with what we state.

    We stand firm that claims of parental alienation is the actual abuse as it are lies by abusers to harm protective parents and the children.

  3. I have to agree with you and must admit that the very first thought that ran through my head was that the author of the comment was an alienator.
    Quote "CHILD ABUSE is beating a child, raping a child and killing a child. A child knows the truth and a child love is not destroyed by another..."
    From what I read into this is that the commentor may be using deceitful means in an attempt to mislead or cause the naive to believe what is not true. Which in itself might be considered as the same manipulative ploy used by a parental alienator. The only other logical explanation might be just plain ignorance.

    "Child abuse" look it up!